onsdag den 30. november 2016

Christmas gifts for doglovers

Wonder what special presents you should purchase for Christmas ? Or do you need to add wishes to the list to Santa ? Or - do stockings still need filling :)

Sit in your home and buy some awesome pretty gifts for doglovers.

I have Doggyshops in 3 places - that's because then I can offer you different items, as the shops sprecialize in different goods :)

If you are in Europe here's Doggyshop at Spreadshirt.

If you are abroad here's Doggyshop at Society6 and Doggyshop at Redbubble.

I sincerly hope you'll find dogs and stuff you can use - bring original, special gifts for Christmas this year.

All the shops have t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, pillows, totebags and more.

Society6 also have artprints, shower curtains, rugs, blankets, towels, notebooks and more.

Redbubble also have wallcalendars/1 month per sheet, dresses, acrylic blocks, stickers, drawstring bags and more.